February 20, 2005


Attached is a copy of an article that was printed in the convention booklet that was held by the Hebron Hose Company #1 on June 20, 1953 and is a brief history of the fire company up to and including that date.



On April 28, 1905 a group of spirited citizens of the community, coming together for the first time at the home of Charles Bucks, decided to organize a fire company and call it Hebron Hose Company #1.


By June 6, 1905 after weeks of discussion, the constitution and By-laws were adopted and the first officers were elected.


June 13, 1905 the company secured six fire plugs from Daniel Weaver and purchased three additional plugs and 600 feet of Eureka hose.


The plugs were placed 400 feet apart to cover the community.  William Weigel offered his horse-drawn wagon and his stable on Moravian street for temporary use of the company equipment.


At the meeting of July 18, 1905, the company purchased their first hose cart from Reading, Pa., for $115.00, (which currently is hosed in the basement of the Lebanon County Historical Society.  From the contributions of the community, the Frank Folmer lot on Water street was purchased on October 31, 1905, and from that date the building committee started to lay the floor for their new home (19 South fifth Ave.)


On July 31, 1923, a fire occurred in the second floor of our home, which has been rented to the Lexington Dress and Handkerchief Co.  Damage amounted to $615.00.


December 18, 1928 the company purchased a chemical apparatus from Mr. Chalfont, North York, for the sum of $400.00.


On April 27, 1936  Ellsworth Felty, President of the company, appointed a committee, with George Bradley, Chairman to purchase a new International chassis and mount our old equipment on the new chassis and was one of the few closed cabs at the state firemanís conventions that year.


On July 5, 1948 the Washington Company of Lebanon donated their old pumper to our company.


On April 25, 1950 the company donated the sum of $250.00 to the Jr. baseball team of Hebron to help start the County Teener baseball league (which we still sponsor a team in the league.)


On February 12, 1952 meeting, an Apparatus fund was started from the receipts of the company to purchase a new engine.


On June 20, 1953 the Hebron Hose Company #1 hosted the 31st annual convention of the Lebanon County Firemenís Association.


In 1956 the company purchased a new piece of fire apparatus, a 1956 ford chassis with a 750 gallon punp and was in service until replace with a 1984 GMC/Pierce fire engine which is still in service for the Hebron Hose Company #1.


The above mentioned apparatus was replaced by a new 1983 GMC engine build by the Pierce fire apparatus company from Appleton, Wi. 


In March of 1993 ground breaking ceremonies were held for their new home at 701 E. Walnut Street and the work completed and moved into in November of 1993.  The cost of the new fire hall was $696,000.00.  In 1995 the company purchased their first aerial apparatus which came to us by the way of the New York City fire department.  The Tower Ladder came from the Flat Bush Section of Brooklyn, it is a 1982 75ft Mack Baker Aerialscope

 On Wednesday August 31, 2005 President Michael Ott, Fire Chief Thomas Camasta and Dennis Trainor traveled to Clintonville, Wi. to discuss the details of their new 2006 Seagraves engine that was to be ordered.  After negotiations with Seagraves the plans were finalized and the new engine will be on the assemble line and will be delivered to the Hebron Hose Co. #1 around June 1, 2006.

On July 8, 2006 we accepted our new engine from Seagraves Mfg.  The new apparatus has a 515 horsepower engine with a 1750 gpm pump.  The new engine has seating for 8 crew members, a huge jump from the old which only held 2.  The engine was put into service on July 22, 2006

And the second one hundred year history of the fire company continues and continues to grow with the help and support of it members and the residents of South Lebanon Township.

All information is now current.